Sep 13, 2011

PROFILE | Augusto Sandroni

augusto sandroni, painting based on photo, 2010, oil on canvas, 28" x 18"

A local artist from the Austin area, Augusto Sandroni is not a very common house hold name. Getting his start in 2009 Sandronis' style seems to favor abstract and vibrant forms of art work. The piece above Painting Based on Photo, Sandroni shows off this abstract technique to emphasize the two men portrayed in the oil painting. The man closest to the viewer with the green shirt and shot in his hand has a over emphasized head and facial features such as his eyes. The man’s eyes are almost fished-eyed or bug-eyed. Which almost gives a creepy deep stare at the viewer?

The man furthest from the viewer in the white shirt, seems to also have a over emphasized head but its unable to tell from the angle he’s sitting at, if his facial features are enlarged like that of the man sitting next to him. This man doesn’t seem to want to be a part of the photo thus why he is looking from the viewer rather than be engaged with the audience. Still, it looks like these guys are just having a good guy's night out at the bar with a round of shots!!
Sandroni hardly ever takes the same approach to each of his paintings. He goes straight off intuition and his final piece shows no resemblance to what he originally started off with. It’s a complete transformation from begging to end. Sandroni gives a personal statement about his technique to finalizing a piece “When a drawing is not used, forms originate from areas of applied paint that get shaped and re-shaped by scraping, erasing, painting over, drawing over, systematically or accidentally, until all problems are solved or a desired effect is achieved.” This statement helps give a better understanding to the process of Sandronis’ art work.
augusto sandroni, Frida I, 2010, oil on canvas, 36" x 24"
This is defenetly not the Frida we all are used to seeing all over the world; Sandronis’ Frida l is nothing but a figurative abstract piece of art. From her headdress all the way down to the bottom of her vibrant blue shirt, all aspects of the painting screams abstract. Sandroni does not give her a face in the painting as you can see but does emphasize her signature thick “uni-brow”. Her brow expands across her face and extends further than that. The absence of her eyes and nose seem to make the audience engage more towards the painting and make them wonder, why did Sandroni leave her face out? It’s almost as if Sandroni wants to portray what he sees and feels when Frida is the topic of choice.

Even though Augusto Sandroni is not a big hot shot artist, his local talents show that his take on figurative abstract art is one that will soon rise. From different viewpoints and angles and exaggerations of staple features on humans, Sandrino can take that those techniques he posses and portray towards his art work.
- Steve Garza

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