Sep 22, 2011

PROFILE: Christopher Hartshorne

Christopher Hartshorne

Christopher Hartshorne, Flesh Accretion, Relief, 14"x14".   2011

  While surfing for artists, I came across Christopher Hartshorne.  As a print artist myself, I was drawn to his style of woodcut relief printing.   His work has a general feel of abstract gesture, usually in large scale in black and white.  Much of his work is done on separate sheets of paper, and then pieced together in display giving the work a disjointed yet connected feel. 

He is quoted in saying for his ‘Tom in Finland’ Collection:

  “In my woodcut I have created my representation of a fleshy sex ball.  I am responding to the stylized exaggeration in Tom of Finland drawings. Bigger is better in the world of Tom…. By choosing to distort the idealized muscle man’s anatomy, the fantastic ideas of sex and sexuality also become warped and confused.”

Christopher Hartshorne, Snack Time, Multi-Block Woodcut, 30"x60".   2005
  Another section of his work revolves around displays of humans and the human body, in either nonmoving positions or in the middle of social activities and movement.  He mostly features the male figure in his works, portraying the idealized male form and the typification of masculinity.  Theses prints are also in large scale, but include swaths of color throughout.  Either used to form shapes and fill space, or to provide bursts of energy and emotion in the work.

Hartshorne’s woodcuts have been exhibited at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The William Penn Foundation, The Woodmere Art Museum, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and The Delaware Art Museum.

Christopher Hartshorne, Meadow 1, Woodcut, 24"x24".   2008

Largely and art teacher, he has been a fellow with the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and also with The New Courtland Artist Program. Christopher is an art teacher who has taught in many different community art programs throughout Philadelphia.  He most recently taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.  His artwork can be found at

BFA in Illustration from The Columbus College of Art Design
MFA in Printmaking from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia

- James Perkins


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