Sep 9, 2011

PROFILE | David Choe

David Choe, Slow Jams, 1997
David Choe is an artist from Los Angeles with a large (and still growing) base in graffiti but over the past years Choe has expanded to large galleries such as Johnathan Levine and Lazarides in London. Choe is considered a commercially viable artist, yet he still maintains his gritty style and sexually charged imagery.

David Choe painting a wall
David Choe's artwork is a wide range of content and styles, ranging from oil paintings that pay homage to old masters (such "Slow Jams"), to quick drawings or spray paintings of whales (which have now been produced into vinyl figures) and everything in between. Choe works with many different people in collaborations such as Danny Trejo for Machete, and cult adult film actress Sasha Grey.

In may of 2010 Choe curated an entire issue of Juxtapoz art magazine that included 4 different covers for the issue, he has released a self titled book and, a recently released DVD called Dirty Hands, which focuses the  art, crimes, and life of the artist.

Here David Choe explains his process for his work (in full detail):
"Skribbles and scrwals and drafting and sketching with markers pens pencils and crayons, collages with matte medium, next a juicy super wet super loose pelican watercolors, don't wait for it to dry, light mist spray from a neutral to dark krylon, tighten up with acrylics, tighten up even more with color pencils and different inks in rapidographs, set the whole thing back with workable fixitve, oil wash over entire painting bring out the highlights by wiping away darks, set the whole thing in stone with kamar varnish remove unwanted parts with graffitti remover and begin the whole process until desired effect is achieved, end with oral sex."
 I have always loved David Choe's work since the day I came across it (when he used to have a mural on S. Congress with other graffiti legend Saber) because I still have yet to see anyone use spray paint in his flared, faded style, and the raw look and energy that comes from his fine art paintings/murals help to draw many viewers and fans in. David Choe is more than just a graffiti artist turned fine artist, he also has a series with the beloved Vice Magazine called Thumbs Up! which chronicles the hitchhiking adventures of him and his family member Harry Kim.

David Choe's work is expanding into many other forms including t-shirts, magazines, advertisements, and he recently did a shoe collaboration with Adidas. The exact reason for people to be a fan of his work can change from person to person but i think many people will agree that there are not many artists that carry a personal style as well as David Choe.

For more information on David Choe feel free to check out his website.

-Brock Caron


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