Sep 26, 2011

PROFILE I Daniel Goldstein

glass, crystal, steel wire, steel armature
74" x 24" x 15"

Art that serves more than one purpose is something that I really admire in an artist. Daniel Goldstein not only serves this purpose, but also has a much larger message.  Goldstein started off doing woodblock prints and was very successful.  In the 80’s AIDS raided the city taking his partner, Steve Richards and most of his friends not long after-ward he was diagnosed with the same disease.  Upon hearing the news he had to begin sculpting.   

Goldstein made works that embellished on the idea of existing without “existing” by making ghosts. These mobile sculptures were made of all sorts of things and have launched his career to a new high.  Goldstein’s worked for make art / stop AIDS are ghosts made of objects HIV related. Invisible man is what really made me want to get to know this artist. It is made of stringed together syringes spaced perfectly apart to make a human floating in mid-air. Personally, I am afraid of needles and the idea of them all around me is kind of scary which brought me into the work in the first place. He uses syringes because they are one of the many ways he says alive when you have AIDS your constantly being pricked which is why they are facing toward the body created by negative space.  Goldstein wanted to present the syringe as a ray of light illuminating off the body made by the negative space.  The rays to be a message of the journey that you go through when you have aids also as rays of hope share the word or healer to help those who do have AIDS.

Invisible Man
syringes, crystal beads, stainless steel wire
110" x 30" x 30"

With Medicine Man One and Medicine Man Two, instead of making a body with negative space, Goldstein makes the body full of empty medication bottles signifying that your life depends on these medications. It is easier to understand the artist intentions of using the syringes as rays of light because the come away from the body made of a different material.  Overall, it is still a very moving piece.

Another work that Goldstein is known for is the Icarian series, which is comprised of leather that was used in the gym that Goldstein used to workout at.  This gym was a community that Goldstein had many times with his friends that are now gone.   After a lot of persistence Goldstein was able to get the leather that was used as liner to the gym equipment.  The sweat and wear made outlines of the people that now gone in the leather itself.   It stands not only as a reminder of aids but a message that people leave an impact on the things they use.

When Goldstein started making sculptures he didn’t automatically jump to making ghosts but rather made collages of moving parts pieced together to make a composition as a whole, similar to when gnats come together and the make a fog of black, but in a much more artistic way.  The  breezy compositions help make the presence of absence known, which stands as a reminder of his deceased friends.  The sculptures are not sad but more a lot the lines of moving on or dreamland that life goes on sort of way.

As far for Daniel Goldstein's other works, I am captivated my his use of light with photography. In 2003, he became interested in the light moves in television. The compositions of the translucent contrasting colors look like your playing with a kaleidoscope.

- Amanda Roland

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