Sep 20, 2011

PROFILE| Julia Fernandez-Pol

Cerebro, 64x72 inches, oil on canvas, 2010

 Inspired by nature's infinite beauty, Julia Fernandez-Pol creates visually opulent canvases lush with alluring textures and explosive colors that entrance the viewer upon first glance.  Resembling flesh and feathers, her ingenious mixture of thick, corpulent brush marks, smooth swirls of rich color, and stippled pearly dots all breathe pulsating life into her tantalizing work. 

Born in 1984, Fernandez-Pol is the young, American daughter of Argentinian parents.  Her enchanting birthplace, Colorado Springs, Colorado, no doubt played a role in fostering her enthusiasm for the natural world, while her Latin heritage inspired a sincere appreciation for gorgeous color and expressive style in her work. 

When viewing close-ups of her work, one can truly appreciate the tenacious dedication to color and opulence produced by Julia Fernandez-Pol.  The thick paint seems to swirl wildly across the canvas, and yet is applied with direct intention in every mark.  Interesting from all perspectives, her paintings reveal beautiful detailed marksmanship from close scrutiny and fall into whimsical, flowing landscapes from afar. 
I am fascinated with creating experiences of extreme beauty and visual decadence in order to generate an overwhelming visual impact within our contemporary world. I use excess and opulence to explore the human experiences when confronted with truly unusual and incredible growths, patterns, and structures in the natural world. I create abstract landscapes of microscopic and macroscopic scale that are developed organically based on ideas of circularity, regeneration, accumulation, and decay.

 After Shock 30x45" oil on canvas 2008-2009

Fresh on the scene, not much is yet written about Julia Fernandez-Pol.  With a MFA from Boston University and BFA from Washington UNiversity, she has a fascinating approach to abstract landscape art and a stunning use of fleshy textures in her work.  Her pallet is fresh and rejuvenating, and all of these components together compell the viewer to examine the world around them with a more obscuring perspective, in search of beautiful abstractions. 

Rosas Celestiales 20x16" oil on canvas 2010

 Though she is young, she has already accumulated quite a collection of awards for her work.  It is exciting to imagine where life will take her in the coming years and how her work will evolve with time. 

-Morgan Adams Middleton


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