Sep 16, 2011

PROFILE | Margarete Jakschik

Margarete Jakschik, Untitled, 2006

I could tell the second I stumbled upon photographer, Margarete Jakschik, that I would be more than entranced by her story telling. Jakschik delivers her photography in a way that makes something inspired by the past completely new.

While looking through her first solo exhibition, Pardon My Heart - inspired by a Neil Young song released in 1975 - at Galerie Gisela Capitain, I saw a pattern of loneliness, moments being forgotten, and someone searching through the images for a lost or wanted reality. Neil Young's lyrics, "I've followed the road but don't know where it ends," fitted Jakschik's Untitled 2006 collection taken in Los Angeles perfectly.

While exploring more of Jakschik's work, I noticed more and more of her photos replicating the "soul searching - what's missing" effect. Jakschik's love for the past, and wanting to incorporate it in the future, led her to create images full of nostalgia. When looking at these untitled works, one may think of a party that was never cleaned up in fear that the memory would somehow be erased if not left how it was.

Margarete Jakschik, Either/Or: Series of 6, 2011

This yearning for a moment that will never be continues to be seen in Jakschik's present art being held at Broadway1602.

Jakschik gives a very appealing example of how to stay with your ideas in a completely different composition. Either/Or is a series of six cubes with different images coming together, depending on how they are moved, while still showing a sense of longing. What's amazing about this form of photography is how so many images can be shown economically.

The cube plays with your mind while showing its certain desires or thoughts, like most art, but you're able to see the twist that Jakschik brings to the table. You can see a repetition in her work's emotion even if the image or way of presenting the photographs are different. This is what makes the work most intriguing. Friedrich Kunath ties Jakschik's pieces into the word: fugue. Fugue,described in a psychiatry sense, is said to be the feeling of an alternate state of consciousness- wandering around for who knows when and to have that continuous feeling of being lost.

Her openness toward sensibilities, the mesmerizing in her photographs of the half-tones in the vernacular of everyday life, giving the viewer the possibility to discover in the works their very own world.

- Daniela Lawson

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