Sep 28, 2011

PROFILE | Terry Border

Terry Border, Missing
For the last few years artist Terry Border has been creating humorous scenes with his sculptures made from bent wire and everyday objects.  What began as a hobby has become the source of work for two photo books (the second to release next month) and a blog where he shares his recent works and occasionally interacts with his fan base.

After earning a B.S. in Fine Art Photography in 1988, Border worked several years as a commercial photographer.  Feeling he could be more creative than his studio colleagues allowed him to be, he left the profession and tried his hand at cartooning.  He felt this could work for him because of his “odd twisted vision”, but later realized he didn’t enjoy the time spent at the drawing board so he moved on to sculpture.  As he worked, his sculptures and mobiles grew in size but never sold and they began to fill his home.  Eventually he was invited to an art show and he decided that the next works he made would be small so they wouldn’t continue to take up so much room and he could hide them away.  He made his new pieces from wire and he included found objects into the sculptures.  As it turned out, people enjoyed his new works so he continued to make more.  Border's newer sculptures evolved as he began to include his sense of humor into them.
Terry Border, Belated
Terry Border has developed a uniquely creative way to anthropomorphize everyday objects.  The gestured lines of each object perfectly illustrate such emotion and narrative constructed in each image.  Border's "odd twisted vision" plays out in various scenes ranging from the "what if this happened?" to the common everyday situations of which people of all ages can relate.  
Terry Border, Sleeping Pills, 2011
Border's work is a one man operation.  From the idea to building of the set to the final image.  You can tell he really takes the time to get into character and think each situation through to every detail.  One detail specifically is his cinematic use of light. I feel that is key to bringing these images to life.  The light creates a sense of drama in each scene that could not be achieved without it.  

Border doesn't just keep his work strictly in the studio.  While traveling he shares images on his blog of works he creates on the road and often leaves them behind for anyone to find and claim.
Terry Border, Cereal Killer
In addition to creating his bent objects, Terry Border has been exploring the realm of animation and has been posting his creations on his blog.  He has even mentioned he is also looking to collaborate on creating a mobile app game based on his bent objects works.

-Blake Williams

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