Sep 22, 2011

TREND | Cow Parade | Cash Cows for Charity

CowParade, Austin, 2011

If you’ve been in Austin at all lately, you have probably seen one of the many colorful cows around town.  And if you are like me, your drawn into this seemingly random piece of art and left with many questions. Well, These real life size sculptures are a part of a collection called CowParade.  This project spans over Seventy five cities worldwide, and has been running since 1999. This project has risen over 20 million dollars for non-profit organizations, and over 3 million for the art community. Each city has a unique number of cows that are created by local artists.  These cows are created and then auctioned off for a variety of different charities.

More of Austin's Cows, 2011

Austin’s Cow Parade is benefiting The Superhero Kids Fund at Dells Children’s Hospital, supporting the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center.  These cows hit the streets of Austin in May of 2011, and the “herd” is going to keep growing until October 30th where all the 150 cows will be auctioned off.  During this whole time all the cows are viewed publicly, placed all over the city, including stores, parks, and other public places. So why the cows ? Because cows are a universally beloved animal, taking on varied meanings across the world.  These cows come in Three basic positions, standing grazing and laying.  All cows are made of fiberglass and steel rebar for reinforcement, the blank cows weigh in at only 125 pounds (before decorations) and are mounted on a concrete slab weighing 400 pounds.

Part of the "Herd" Austin, 2011

There are more than 5000 cows around the world, and no two are alike.  This shows the truly endless possibility of what art is, and how it seems to evolve.  These pieces of art are very big and attract lots of attention, I think its so cool how this art project is so vast and so public.  It seems to be all about the community; these cows are bringing art into the eye’s of the public, and making a charitable offer at the same time.  I see no downfall to these cash cows, and I hope to see this trend grow exponentially.

 -Jessy Morell


Contributor said...

I remember reading about this a year or two back in the paper. I think it's a really neat thing! I would have liked to known about some of the artist that were invited to do this though. I am a bit disappointed you didn't write more on it or at least show some of the individual cows.

- Erin Davis

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