Oct 25, 2011

REVIEW | Double Consciousness | Valerie Cassel Oliver | Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston | 2005

Double Consciousness, Valerie Cassel Oliver

A book of the exhibition of Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art since 1970 reflects on the past and present art work by African-American artists of contemporary art.  The Contemporary Arts of Museum of Houston mainly have exhibitions focusing on racial and cultural diverse artists.  African-American is one of the many cultures and race they acknowledge. Some of the artist artwork show public image, careers, and video documentation.

In An American Art Job by Franklin Sirmans he discusses about Adrian Piper and what she thinks is a double consciousness means to her.  Being or having a double consciousness to her means just to have a self consciousness. Self consciousness to Adrian Piper is being aware of how people want you look, think, and act around public or others.  For her she is an American art which is a job and career that is made of  her. Adrian Piper way of showing art is by performing on the streets of New York City.  By riding the bus blindfolded and her hands covered in long black gloves. Also by doing form of art by covering her eyes and not showing the color of her skin shows that we should not think of how people look or what race they are but how who they are. For being self conscious to her self is allowing her to be true to her.  Even today we are self conscious thinking what people are going to think us and what we are wearing. Society is more concerned of what we were then we are losing on what is important to us.  Everyone today has a double conscious without even knowing it. 
The Fall of Blackness: Hyen Aint Nothin but a Name the word hyen meaning different identities just race, sex, or being gay.  How we discriminate any race, or sex for what they did or for who they are trying to be.  In Abu Ghraib by Danny Tisdale is trying to described racial consciousness presenting events of September 11 and the prisoner of war abuse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq.  That even America has not changed for what  they think about different races.  Today Americans do discriminate people from Iraq because of September 11 and they believe all of their race are terrorist.  Danny Tisdale uses a great way to show that we are racist against  people that harm us.  In the image they use the similar outfit to the KKK but in black in a sense to describe racial consciousness is strong as it use to be against the African-Americans.  The one thing has is that we as a society are racial against ourselves and everybody around us.  

The world today has not change since we are still racist against other cultures but there still  are people that are racist against African-Americans.  For some people in this world race is still a major problem.  We might not even know were being racist against others but we still do it with our being consciousness about it.

-Stephany Garcia


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