Oct 27, 2011

REVIEW | Reciprocal: Susie Rosmarin and Hana Hillerova, Gallery I, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

#414 Yellow,  Susie Rosmarin, 2008, Tx State Art Gallery
My eyes are tripping out, That was the first thing on my mind when walking into the gallery.   The  paintings were hard edged and taped off, so complex and so perfect. The sculptors, with their perfect geometric form and its crazy reflections;  I couldn't believe my eyes. When staring straight into the paintings the marks seamed to move, it was as if the painting was meant to trip your brain out and come to life. These paintings are perfect, every area on the canvas is perfectly plotted out. Without perfection I don't think they could ever achieve these illusions.

There are two different galleries, but the one that really caught my attention was gallery 1, which was called "Reciprocal". Reciprocal is a common term in mathematics which means relationship between two elements which creates unity as a whole. In the gallery there shows two different artists, an art partnership between Susie Rosmarin and Hana Hillerova. Rosmarin creates linear line paintings on canvas with an emphasis in precision, however her pieces appear to move due to the color, mathematical study and placement.   The paintings almost look as though they were created on a computer,  a three-demential vortex of color, geometric form and space.
Silver Gingham, Susie Rosmarin, 2008, Tx State Art Gallery

This picture can't even describe the feelings it gives without it being right in front of you. Even though it had the least amount of color and design, I could not keep my eyes off this piece. The painting seemed to move like water as i came closer and moved away from it. The emotion it gave me was indescribable. It was as if my brain had left me and I was floating in oblivion.

Hana Hillerova, Untitles(Angel Crystal), 2008, iron, mirror

Not only did Rosmarin's Paintings blow my mind, but so did Hana Hillerova's massive sculptors. Its weird,  because the sculptures are big, yet by the way they were put together they seem small to me. Its a perfect balance between complexity, harmony and the material this sculptor was made from. The skeleton of the sculptor gives a pleasing feel, a flowing movement that keeps the eyes constantly exploring. when given light, the sculptor really comes to life, its almost like a laser show going in all different directions. The multiple amount of reflections gives a kaleidoscope sense of feel. Its mind boggling. 

At first I wasn't very thrilled with this style of painting, I actually thought it was quite dull, it wasn't until I saw the paintings right in front of me that they blew me away. The perfection and patience that radiated off of these paintings is so unique, I couldn't imagine them any other way.

- Allan Gindic


  1. Rosmarin's work you picked for you blog shows how different she can change a style's emotion. The awareness of symmetry I think was a really great place to start the review and brings the images shown together.

    -Daniela Lawson

  2. I agree with your statement about the paintings being completely different in front of you than in pictures, as is with most art but especially Rosmarin's. During the in class lecture I got a little bored looking at the same type of paintings but when I visited the gallery I couldn't stop looking! I would stand further back and get closer (trying to stay out of the "nausea distance"). They really are so much more compelling in person!

    --Sara Beth Worcester

  3. I too agree that great things can be accomplished with precision and it really can have an effect on the viewer.

    - Amanda Roland