Oct 18, 2011


In our age of technology and social media, we share everything.  From our current location with the checking in app, to our status updates of how our day went, to any other mindless thoughts we're tweeting, we share everything.  With that in mind, it stands to reason that we are also sharing ideas, inspirations and how to's.  With this new media and portals to share our creations on, we can all be a little creative and feel artistic in our own ways,

and as someone who fails as stick figures however loves to study art, it is a dream come true.  Andy Warhols innovation paint by numbers, was the philosophy that everyone should be able to be an artist and so he created already drawn out canvases with numbered sections corresponding to the paint that should be in the particular area.  The   the Do It Yourself movement is allowing anyone to create something they can be proud of.  There are endless tutorials on how to refinish your dinning room table to how to paint using crayons.  With the answer to any artistic question or incl ling of a process, the common non artist's capabilities are endless. 
Art is what you can get away with - Andy Warhol

However it isn’t only the media we are learning to be our own artists.  Our neighbor San Antonio has a Do it Yourself factory where there are classes on how to make pottery to how to crochet and sew.  People are then allowed to show off their work and sell it to other craft loving artists.  With this friendly creative atmosphere ideas and inspiration is flowing, and allows for people to come up with their next project.  There is also the very popular painting of pottery and other novelty items at places such as Austin's Cafe Monet.   This loved enterprise has escalated along with our crafty times with artists on site to help consult and teach along with more supplies than the average painter could hope for.

Doing it ourselves is not a new innovation.  Home magazines and Martha Stewart Living have been around for decades.  What separates our time now is that we can broadcast ourselves in almost any media we choose, in addition, you can learn how to paint, crochet, sculpt, cook just about anything from the internet.  Now people can't stop doing it themselves. 

  So once one has created a masterpiece, where do we show it off?  In our home is a common place, but in order for this circle of knowhow and how to’s ,   websites have been designed to show off such triumphs.  There is the classic blog which we present to you now, pictures and tutorials of all of the things you could ever hope to do yourself, but also the websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest.  Sites where people can post pictures of their creations or other peoples and can then share for others to see. 

We are not all artists, it is a sad truth, but with each new step by step tutorial posted that statement is becoming more of a choice than a restricting fact.  We can all learn what we were not born with, we all have the capacity to create something.

Veronica Villanueva


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