Oct 17, 2011

TREND | Fan art in the convention world | We see We think We create

Halo Seraphim, Pez Are Cool!!, Mixed Media, 2011

As a modern trend Fan Art is as old as they come. It pulls back to when we were kids drawing and creating out of what we see and like. It is however greatly emphasized with the global nation that has developed and becoming more and more prominent within recent years. Ranging from every venue of pop culture you can imagine fan art continues to show us the everyday things we have in our lives is and can be art.

The world in which we live drives being connected to other people. Fan Art has become bigger in the past couple years simply because people have the ability to view it. Another factor is that people as a whole are exposed to much more culture on a daily basis. This interconnection has allowed growing numbers of people to travel to places like conventions to be around the people that share similar thoughts, ideas, and passions about the world.
Terry Parr, Diabeetus, Mixed Media, 2011

Fan art typically addresses pop culture figures and reinvents them or adds some other context to reference them in. It can be anything from the mundane to something sexual. Terry Parr said that “I enjoy drawing certain characters and re-interpreting them in my style.  This is a large part of the fan art community. Giving people a social commentary on how an artist sees things and what they like.

The Convention atmosphere is thick with creativity and drive. It itself serves as a method to encourage and inspire new art. The convention environment is a machine where the vendors and artist are the cogs. The artists cater to the fans desires in hopes of selling product. In regards to creating art for conventions Halo Seraphim said that It depends on the type of convention, "if it's a Star Trek convention, then I'll draw something Star Trek related. Sometimes, if there is a special guest, I'll draw a picture of that person so customers will buy it and have it signed by the guest." The mass creation of pop culture references throw back to the Warhol and the Factory. The vendors and artists would be the workers and the conventions like gallery showings. The main difference is that where Warhol still had a statement of what art is these artists assume it is art and just make what they or others like.

The convention life allows great things to be created in and out of context from the rest of the world. This environment creates sub cultures where people networking together become known even to the point that they are depicted within the fan art produced for the conventions. Every convention is deferent and new exciting things come from each. One thing is certain that the environment around the conventions inspires and challenges those within to make something new.
Kaoru_Chan, Lola Bunny
Although fan art has been around for a long time it has never been this widely seen or experienced. Some of these methods are mass post websites like Deviantart.Others include personal websites like Halo Seraphim and Terry Parr's site Shonuffstudio. While fan art is being created independently away from conventions they still serve as a major influence in the body of people creating in this category. While there are many other ways to show and exhibit your work to viewers I believe there is not a better or livelier gallery you could hope for. 

-Nathaniel Record

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