Oct 24, 2011

TREND | When Street Art Came Alive

Kurt Wenner

Do you remember when you used to play with sidewalk chalk and draw fun pictures on your parents’ driveway? I know I do! Well now artists have taken the term sidewalk art to a whole new level! Also known as 3D street painting, 3D pavement art, 3D chalk art, or 3D sidewalk art, they are all a form of anamorphic art. 3D sidewalk art began in history as a means purely for entertainment. While it still creates entertainment, 3D sidewalk art has transformed into advertisement, PR, and public street art events. An artist would begin by picking a street or sidewalk in a public location and, with their chalk, created 3D magic!

There are many artists that create these amazing 3D chalk drawings, but two of the most well-known artists in this particular area of street art are Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner. Any time I looked up anything ‘3D sidewalk art’ one of their names popped up. Apparently 3D sidewalk is a lot more popular than I thought. I when I started researching for information about it, I found out that Sarasota, Florida is holding a Chalk Festival coming up on November 1st. You can find out more about it here! One of the artists I mentioned earlier, Kurt Wenner, is actually giving a lecture at this festival on the 4th about the history of pavement art. Kurt Wenner is actually famous for inventing 3D sidewalk art. 

I, personally, think that these artworks being created are absolutely amazing! The artists draw on the pavement and distort what they are drawing just perfectly, so when it is viewed straight on, or viewed through a picture, the drawing comes alive. It is an amazing illusion! When I found this particular trend of street art, I could not stop searching for more images! The fact that something drawn on a street can become so alive blows my mind.

Julian Beever

Brittany Drake


  1. I totally agree with you. 3D pavement art is really amazing. I like how the paintings come alive when you look at it in the right spot. It allows the viewer to interact and have fun with the painting. Did you know that historically, street painters were called Madonnari in Italy because they recreated images of the Madonna which were commonly 2 dimensional.

    -Katrina Runge