Nov 8, 2011

REVIEW | Looking for a Fight | VAC | Austin, Texas

Lucy Parker "Funk Trunk" 2011
This past weekend was the opening of the show “Looking for a Fight” at the V.A.C. at UT Austin. This show consisted of three artists. There names Lucy Parker, Isabella Burden, and Layne Bell. When I first walked in to this show I had no idea what it was about but I was really enamored by all the sculptures that I viewed. I was amazed with how simple it all was and how it made me wish that I could think this way.

This show “Looking for a Fight” is about the struggles these girls have in a male dominated world. They use extreme feminism while hiding non-feminist ideas.

When I was looking at Lucy Parkers work “Funk Trunk” I was at first a little confused because all I saw was this box of wood making noise. As I got closer I notice this pink lighting coming from the back. When kneeling down to go inside I was a little “awk’ed out” because there was someone lying inside. After waiting I crawled in and it was really kind of awesome. Because in side is this little bed that is made out for you with a pillow for you to curl up and have kind of this girl talk with who I assume was the artist being projected on the back wall. I really wish I could have spent more time having this “pillow talk” but then I noticed other people to trying to crawl in to bed with me. Later after going home and doing a little research I found out that this was Parker reenacting Vito Acconci’s Theme song.

Isabella Burdens "Tongue-In-Cheek" 2011
Isabella Burdens first piece that I saw was one called “Tongue-In-Cheek” which is a photo of her bent over a ledge as if she were throwing up over ledge. I thought this photo was beautiful but not really anything that was particularly memorable. However, I enjoyed “Boys (Beuys)”. This sculpture is lard and what looked like fabric that went with a dress or purse that was lying over the lard. It was interesting because it was just slowly melting and oozing.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show and the pieces were definitely worth seeing. It was fun to view and interact with the different sculptures and their compositions. This show had me walking away thinking about how I should learn to make simple works of art while still getting the meaning across without over doing it.

-Jarrad Taylor


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