Nov 11, 2011

Review I View Partially Obstructed I Gina Gibney Dance Company I San Marcos, Tx

Gibney Dance Compan
On Thursday November the 3rd , I attended a performance by the Gina Gibney Dance company in Evans auditorium entitled, View Partially Obstructed. The performance was a hybrid of both modern dance and live drawing projected over the dancers . As a dance and painting major, I was overjoyed to find that both of my worlds had collided into a whimsical display of art, beauty, and athleticism.

The house was full of hopeful arts supporters. Joshue Ott sat in the center of the auditorium , and in the middle of the audience with his computer and equipment ready. 

Ott is a New York based visual artist who creates cinematic visual improvisations that are performed live and projected in large scale. He uses a program called super draw, that he invented himself. He works from hand drawn forms manipulated in real-time with his personally crafted software. Otto composes evolving images that reside somewhere between minimalism, psychedelic, and Cagean chance, delivered with an inescapably human touch. 

Gibney and Ott as an artistic team delivered a magical and a truly inspiring performance. The dancing and the artistic “digital painting” paired together seamlessly and marvelously. The dancers seemed to move effortlessly and the projections seemed to be an extension of their movement . The audience was captivated by the movement and visual artistry. When ever the images stopped the magic was lost and it felt like just dancers but when the drawings were rolling it felt like you had escaped into another world.

The performance was about the subjective nature of perception and our struggle to create a full view of ourselves, others and the world, despite having incomplete or distorted information. View Partially Obstructed, opened with individual thick white lines shooting across and one dancer jetting in at each mark. The lines and shapes were continuously evolving along side the dance, making implications of our personal perception of our self.

View Partially Obstructed
Gibney Dance Company

There was one particularly stunning moment toward the climax of the performance when each dancer was facing the back scrim at a different level and exquisite “water color like” swirls started to cascade around the dancer’s heads, as they traced the light with their finger tips.

This simple movement was breath taking and really highlighted the artistic vision that Gibney had. This moment symbolized our human perceptions and experiences.   It was as if we were exploring the depths of each of the human’s souls on stage. This striking gesture gave me chills.

The magnificent choreography, incredible athleticism, hand crafted costumes , live animation, and original lighting all sewed together seamlessly . All of these elements together produced a dazzling and breathtaking statement about human perceptions and interactions. The audience sat on the edge of their seats as Gibney and her team delivered a flawless performance. The piece left the audience reflecting on their own life and wanting more.


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